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Balancing Rocks

Communication Breakthroughs for  Improved Performance 

Testimonials AFTER our facilitated team sessions:

"Gave us the opportunity to discuss talents in context of performance."

"Benefited from time with team, open and candid dialogue, better understanding of viewpoints."

"Helped to hear shared concerns and fears."

"Provided a cathartic understanding the strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc. of the leadership team."

"I like that Monique allowed the conversation to take its own direction" 

"I have a better awareness of dynamics with colleagues."

"Now I can drive tactical change to address communication gaps."

"Valuable time to talk, learn and reflect."

College Students

Team Conversation Facilitation

Half Day

Individual talents
Team snapshot

Full Day

Individual talents 
Team Opportunities
Action Steps


Individual talents  
Team Gaps & Collaborations 
Action Steps
Goal alignment

Scenes from One-Day Workshop: STRENGTHS-BASED LEADERSHIP 
Mandela Washington Fellowship of
Young African Leaders
June 2019

What my clients say...


Jason P., Director of Spa & Wellness

I’m more “in tune” with my strengths and better equipped to apply them to practical situations.

I’m more aware of my unique strengths which will help me improve both guest and colleague experiences.

A powerful and eye opening experience. 

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