Conversations that Accelerate Performance

"As we learn to elevate our consciousness about the impact of our conversations, we elevate our leadership and positive influence."

- Judith Glaser


Performance Enhancing Conversations

 Career Conversations

  • Afraid and confused about the steps to take in your career or how to move into a new one? 

  • Tongue-tied around "selling yourself" when networking or going for a promotion?.

  • Suspect that you are wired to do something more meaningful but not sure what or how to make it happen?


Entrepreneurs & Leaders Conversations

  • Caught in the web of office politics, processes and drama?

  • Feeling left behind because you lack executive presence or the charisma needed to move up the ladder?

  • Frozen on the edge of stepping into your entrepreneurial dream?

  Partner Conversations

  • Miscommunication crippling your relationship, family or business?

  • Unable or afraid to confront the issues or see possibilities? 

  • Having trouble modifying behaviors for holistic well-being?

Team Conversations

  • Is your team playing "small" ? 

  • Miscommunication causing errors, lack of trust, respect or productivity  among your team?

  • Is your team inclusive? Do they know, celebrate & value the diversity of talent among team members. 




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