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Balancing Rocks

Communication breakthroughs
for  leading & boldly embracing your new role.

If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur or are one now, you are a Leader! If you currently run a team or organization, you are a Leader! 

BUT do you feel more like an "imposter leader"? Living in fear of the day you are discovered for the gaps in your leadership abilities, or being ill-prepared for a rise to the top? Are managing people or priorities a "necessary evil" that keeps you up at night? 


Coached sessions enable you to see where you have blind spots, opportunities to be more relevant and valued, and ultimately lead in creative ways that are consistent with your natural behavioral style so you no longer break out in a sweat running a meeting or project.


Develop confidence for new roles and responsibilities, delegating, problem solving, restructuring and team building and tapping into what will give you the edge to step into running your business, your division, and promoting yourself. 

Stepping into your own business also requires wrestling with your own demons of "imposter syndrome". Together we wrestle the beast and you emerge the victor, prepared to slay it in the marketplace. Are you ready? 

Candles & Plants

2 Coaching Packages

5 or 10 Coaching Conversations

Series of 55-Minute Conversations​

  • Develop self-awareness of your executive presence and conversations that impact your success.​

  • Support between sessions includes resources to reflect and generate momentum. ​

  • 55-minute coaching sessions targeted to introduce you to new insights into your leadership style and stretch you to improve conversations with yourself, colleagues, peers, and supervisors.  

  • Includes strengths assessment and expert report interpretation​

  • Advice and collaborative sessions addressing real issues in your day-to-day that you can improve upon. You receive resources, access to client portal, calls and unlimited text and email access.​

  • Book your own convenient sessions weekly or every other week. Bonus call follow-up is included.

What my client says...

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Joy H., Political Consultant

Monique introduced me to a leadership training (Gallup) that I found to be extremely useful. The training is very personalized and helps a person understand strengths that can be marketed and employed. Monique took several hours analyzing the data and talking to me about possibilities with the new-found information about my strengths.

I highly recommend Monique Lung for your next coaching.

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