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DITCH Limiting Beliefs

They are just plain cruel, breaking the human spirit. Limiting beliefs, dare I say it, suck. Who says you can’t accomplish something, develop a new skill, or change your life!  Over the course of many, many, too many, coaching conversations, I have uncovered where someone planted a seed of doubt, insecurity, ignorance, and disbelief into a fertile and vulnerable mind. It makes me angry and sad, but it spurs my call to action. I just want to hunt down that wicked seed planter.

How can ANY desire placed on the heart be unattainable? It defies the Law of Inspiration.  Yes, the Law of INSPIRATION, my label for the predecessor of the Law of Attraction. Shame on anyone who squelches another’s potential.  Is it jealousy? Fear? Envy? Which deadly sin misguides someone to give “safe counsel” that robs them of their divinely inspired potential?

Perhaps it’s a generational dialogue, a fear passed from one generation to the next, almost undetected. In my case, I trusted people who seemed to know-it-all and when I was encouraged by a free-spirited outsider to pursue my dream anyway, I learned that the know-it-all was clueless about the factors that were “limiting” my circumstances. Wow! I don’t want anyone else to lose time because of what “they” say. I have since applied that aha-moment to other ambitions and VOILA… limiting beliefs are HOOEY!

As a coach, finding the amazing potential of 1-in-33-million uniqueness in each client, I am often excavating and deprogramming the crippling limiting beliefs imbedded by a well-meaning parent, teacher or classmate.

I have only a few practical tips to ditch those limiting beliefs:

  1. Test them. Pick one. (To date, I have dispelled 3 of my own and boy am I ever on a roll pushing the limits of everything possible and loving every minute of what is developing… way more fun!)

  2. Put BOUNDARIES around nay-sayers (or distance).

  3. Step into your STRENGTHS and keep your eyes forward.

  4. Dream + surround yourself with POSITIVE people and messages.

  5. Search for PROOF that you CAN’T do “X-Y-Z” (HA! You can’t PROVE it!!)

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