A former client's reflections:

The impact she discovered a few months after working together...

The greatest value you added - quite beyond introducing me to the Strengths Assessment and the DNA Behavioral Analysis, was putting those insights to use. I am finding that, as I work towards building my consultancy, that things you pointed out and suggested have improved my personal working efficiency, and given me far more satisfaction. 


I have always been one to make lists. Thanks to your help and insightful questions, I've realized that I overloaded my lists, and took responsibility for too many things. I have learned to segregate the needed tasks from the less essential; more actually gets done. Knowing why I do things - my slightly compulsive search for more knowledge and information (two different things!), for instance - has given me more control over my time and priorities. 

More former client feedback....

Sharing her thoughts when asked these 3 questions:

  • What results have you achieved through our work together?

    • I've gained more clarity after each conversation. In addition, I have developed the confidence to execute on the actions we discussed. I always feel so empowered after every conversation with you and I can understand clearly how to apply my talent and skills to overcome whatever obstacle i'm facing. 

  • What transformation occurred?

    • I developed a greater sense of clarity about my purpose and what my next step should be --- 

    • I was able to listen to my 'inner voice' and to choose a path that aligned with my spirit 

  • What problem(s) have been solved?

    • I used to feel as though I was just 'gliding' through life, fulfilling everyone's purpose except for mine. Through the conversations we've had, i have been able to realign myself towards my own purpose. That sense of clarity and belief in myself to pursue what matters most to me and brings me joy has been amazing. 

and more former client feedback...

Here is how this client feels after our time together...

  • What problem(s) have been solved?

After almost being derailed by a negative review at work I was able to make contact with Monique and set up a plan to rebuild my work image and discover my own branding. I felt that the situation was out of my control. Monique helped me find my strengths and refocus my energy in a positive and constructive way. I began preparing for my next opportunities.


  • What transformation occurred?

I went from being angry and feeling devastated to energized and focused on a positive task of self awareness and improvement. I became conscious of my own value and worth to the company.


  • What results have you achieved through our work together?

I have updated my LinkedIn profile and become an active user of the tools at my disposal for managing my brand. With Monique’s help I restructured my resume with skills at the forefront rather than a simple chronological order. I have gained confidence in interviewing and selling my abilities. With the new found confidence I was able to actually feel okay and valued at my current job while continuing to search for other opportunities.

I highly recommend the relationship strengthening, confidence building training that Monique offers

AnneMarie E.

Principal Media Consultant | Vice President of Sales | Medical & Aesthetics Industry Public Relations

In the past, I've taken numerous assessment tests, seminars and courses on a quest to further my personal development and create a more well-rounded skill set portfolio. After completing a series of coaching sessions with Conversation Artistry, Monique helped me decipher this data in order to embrace my strengths, understand my challenges and discover my true passion.


The structure and the cadence of her coaching was very effective. This is an active, hands-on program. With goals in mind, we used worksheets to help prep in advance of each weekly skype call. After each session, there were follow up activities to implement.


Monique has a caring yet practical approach with her clients and I completely trust her. I *highly* recommend Monique’s coaching services.

Susan B.

Founding Partner, Decorative Arts Broker

I recently completed several coaching sessions with Monique which were a total revelation. She is the consummate professional and so encouraging, upbeat and enthusiastic in her approach with direct and constructive advice. We worked by Skype between Paris and Atlanta and Monique was really helpful and professional in accommodating the time zone differences and allowing time between each session to allow me to digest information between calls. Starting with a brief and focused questionnaire to pinpoint my dominant strengths we went on in further sessions to analyze and assess these strengths in a constructive and pragmatic way to see how I can truly maximize them to turn 'Good into Great' (one of her wonderful phrases!). She always prepared me between sessions sending me worksheets ahead and explaining what we would be doing next so I could be mentally prepared to make the most of each session. Monique's enthusiasm and remarkable intuition in zooming in on individual strengths and building on them has given me the invaluable and powerful tools to move forward and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly. Onwards and upwards!

Ingrid H.


Quand j'ai rencontré Monique, J'ai été frappé par l'acuité de son regard sur les gens et sa faculté à les "voir" dans leur globalité humaine. Elle a un véritable talent pour révéler ce qui est enfoui, pour le faire éclore afin de révéler le meilleur de la personne. En un an, elle a éloigné mes doutes et révélé en moi des forces que j'ignorais. Merci Monique !

Arch K.

Editor & Publisher

After years as a broadcast meteorologist, it was time for a career change in mid-life. While I enjoyed predicting the weather, I felt I wanted to take a different route this second half of my life. Monique's expertise as a Gallup Certified Coach helped tremendously!


Having a very specialized degree in meteorology, it was hard for me to realize and utilize my talents in other areas. Monique helped me understand my strengths and challenges as well as my passions.


Not only am I grateful for learning how to unlock my potential, but I am also grateful for the care and concern she places in her clients. This was huge for establishing trust.


I "highly" recommend this lovely and talented lady!

William C.

Project Manager

Monique was a pleasure to sit with, talk to and correspond with. Very professional all the way through across all communication mediums. Her elucidation of the Strengths content was a great complement to her overall relatability.

She was able to adapt to me quickly and accommodate appropriately. Most interestingly was her spin on my weakness and how I can use my strengths to tackle weaknesses while a develop my strengths.

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