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Millennial's: 3 Ways They Roll

I recently coached a lady bulldog.  Just a few short months stand between her and the coveted diploma from the University of Georgia.  The pressure is mounting for her to plot her best life course while considering all the options.  While the achievement is almost within reach, it is accompanied by demotivating confusion and frustration, which triggered our session.  Our coaching deep-dive uncovered her unique talent blend that she can, now mindfully, animate for solutions and success in any situation or workplace.

One thought I left her with is that as a millennial, it is likely  that she will have SIX careers, not jobs but careers, in her lifetime and ... drum roll ... only TWO of those careers exist right now.

She was surprised to consider that what she might end up doing is not yet established; however, as someone who powerfully envisions outcomes, the possibilities intrigued and inspired her.  What she learned about herself from strengths-based coaching will have even more significance considering this likelihood.  Armed with self-knowledge, she has a clear, stress-free plan to flex her talent strengths, stretch herself beyond her comfort zone, and build the necessary resiliency for the future. 


1. Millennials want PURPOSE, not just a paycheck. Flooding the world of non-profits, you find millennials with harmony and empathy committed to making a difference and leaving their mark on the world. 

2. Millennials need ONGOING CONVERSATIONS. Do not reserve feedback for the annual review.  Be prepared for a disgruntled employee, if you decide to unload all the missteps they made throughout the year that you have been storing up for a volcanic unleashing.  

3. Millennials seek DEVELOPMENT.  Long gone are the days when it was enough for benefits and a paycheck to equal job satisfaction.  Today's satisfaction for millennials is found in opportunity for personal and professional development. 

Consider these three points when you want to bridge the gap between how millennials view themselves and how they are viewed by the non-millennial workforce.  I am excited about the future of the young lady I coached and for what she will contribute to our future. 

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