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clarity + vocabulary = opportunity

In the face of a daunting college or job application, struggling to convey why you would be a good fit, Conversation Artistry comes to the rescue! Play to your strengths. But how? Identifying your top 5 strengths using the Gallup Strengths questionnaire, we will go beyond the basics, and in a coaching mode, pull together your past and present for a brilliantly clear future.

Here's a success story: blocked trying to complete and application for admission to a prestigious ivy-league International Relations program.  Not blocked for long!  Within 30 minutes of taking the questionnaire, as  a team, we built an amazing, unique, authentic story tying program objectives to individual strengths of harmony, connectedness, empathy, input, achiever.  Confidence coupled with clarity + vocabulary around strengths launched the student into a powerful two-page essay capitalizing on past experiences, current interests and potential outcomes and the best part.... the result of ADMISSION!

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