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For the best possible outcome, we start with self-discovery conversations.

Using highly reliable behavioral insight tools, we begin the journey to 

DEFINE, DECLARE & DESIGN your route to success. 

Learn about one of the tools I use, DNA Behavior, from the video below.


Becoming a Leader or an Entrepreneur

  • Create your "personalized playbook" to dual-track or launch into your burning desire or dream biz/ career.

  • Take the leap to embrace opportunities instead of "playing it small".

  • Fearlessly take calculated action steps without the "safety net".

Team Conversations

Team Conversations

 Retreats  and  Workshops

  • Build strong teams that respect and value differences. 

  • Bring strengths into your workplace and create action plans to put the information in motion and to develop a high performing team.

  • Instill each team member with a deep sense of their individual contribution, their needs and create accountability for achieving a group success

Small Team Conversations Facilitated 

Guiding powerful conversations with small teams. Starting with the insights from powerful behavioral insight assessments we tackle the mot pressing topics facing your team.

Perfect for groups up to 10. participants. On-site or via Zoom Videoconference. 

Some previous clients include: Medical Teams, Multi-level Marketing Teams 

Career Conversations   

  • Communicate your uniqueness, gain confidence, and charisma to be promoted.

  • Accelerate your career with personalized market-ready deliverables like Linkedin, Resume, branding and networking

  • Build a career marketing campaign compatible with your target and talents.

Partner Conversations

  • Identify strengths and struggles

  • Establish healthy conversations

  • Advance projects

  • Build unity and collaboration

  • Discover competencies to weather tougher times

  • Celebrate successes

Career Coachig
Partnership Conversation
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