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Support & Guidance


Career Transitions

No two career transitions are alike. To complicate matters you may have started to sound like "Eeyore" when thinking of your options or your value.  Gain the clarity and confidence to snap out of it and leap into your next big gig.  You deserve to find your joy, too, whether at the crossroads of moving inward, upward or outward. 

Clients receive the guidance to recognize what's possible, are provided with a plan, and supported while navigating the process to move to the next level. Rather than rewriting a resume and conducting a job search, we create a career marketing campaign with critical market-ready deliverables that are as unique as you are. 


Behavioral data is incorporated into the journey to identify your talent "knots-in-the-rope" to hang on to in times of transition  - and to pull  yourself up and out of your funk!  We start with how you're wired. It just makes sense. This holistic approach serves you for a lifetime.

Ready to focus your energy, accelerate your life's purpose or career, and develop a sense of power and control over your destiny?


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Kim W., MBA

Marketing & Sales 


Thank you Monique.  I am blessed that you are a part of my journey.  And....just to confirm that there is truth to "what we put out in the universe, we get back"....I prayed that God would send someone to help me who had the following:


-the capacity to UNDERSTAND me

-a wealth of experience and exposure well beyond my own that I could glean from

-the spiritual intuition to identify the things that I needed to embrace to move to the next level

-a personality and demeanor that I could easily trust and be comfortable and candid with're all that and more....a God-send! :)

Career Coaching Packages

Series of 5 or 10 Coaching Conversations

Each session is a 55-minute conversation 


  • Strengths assessment and expert report interpretation

  • Expert advice and collaborative revisions as needed to all “client marketing”:

  • Messaging/branding

  • Resume / Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn

  • Interviewing

  • Networking conversations

  • Resources for support, reflection and action

  • Access to client portal + Calls and unlimited text and email access 

Book the weekly or every other week support that suits your schedule and rhythm for the journey to keep you on track, accountable and focused. Bonus call follow-up in included. 

This package incorporates insights from Gallup StrengthsFinder & DNA Behavior Hiring report & DNA Behavior Workplace Operation & DNA Behavior Factor Report.

1:1 “Whack-a-Mole” Conversation


ONE 3-hour session to knock out an issue that is blocking you. Perfect for diagnosing the messaging in your marketing pieces, such as your resume & LinkedIn, or for addressing concerns that prevent you from success and confidence in an interview or when networking.  

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